The origin of EvoAir

EvoAir is a breakthrough invention by Dr.Low and his team, with the objective of embracing the well-being of mankind through green living and preserving our Earth through responsible inventions.

EvoAir is the first air-conditioner with the proprietary technology of HECS system which reduce waste heat to the environment, hence promoting true environmental friendly living and curbing global warming issues.

EvoAir also has proven to reduce power consumption by 20% and thus promoting significant energy savings. EvoAir has total 3 patent pending technologies (namely:E-Ball, E-Pad and E-Coil) and filed PCT (Patent Corporation Treaty) in over 10 countries

EvoAir also has a trademark being filed and obtained for retail, commercial and industrial use.

Technology Overview: EvoAir

EvoAir is the World’s first eco-friendly air-conditioner (“AC”) condenser (external unit) which releases cooler, moisturised air to its surroundings.

The patent-pending proprietary technology has transformed the function of the AC condenser. AC condenser takes the heat that was removed from the indoors and expels waste heat at±55oC and humidity of ±20% to the environment, which is harmful for humans, living things as well as giving rise to global warming issues.

Not withstanding the positive impact generated by energy efficient technology and reduction of HFC, all conventional air-conditioning systems in the market fail to address the issue of releasing hot air to our environment.

Hence, they are not a comprehensive long term solution for a sustainable environment.

Improve energy efficiency – Less dependent on HFC

Moving towards e-Compressor 


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