Future Plans & Investment Merits

Sustainable business model with focused growth strategies–the Company penetrates the market through own brand (retail via distribution channels, property developers as well as business and building managers) and
third party brands (OEM for private labels and licensing for IPs). The Company intends to replicate the similar business model to Asian countries and other parts of the world.

Future plans and growth strategies

  • Markets Penetration and Market Development
  • Expansion of Product Range
  • Setting up of Manufacturing Plant for Condenser Segment
  • Geographical Expansion
  • Green Movement and CSR Initiatives

Moving towards sustainable urbanisation and architecture a swell as green livings.

Strong endorsement from Malaysian Government
e-Cond Evo by WKL is endorsed by the King of Malaysia, which was featured in the publication in conjunction with the King’s Inauguration, as part of the effort for promoting and supporting local businesses.

Strong R&D capabilities

Sustainable business model with focused growth strategies

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