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About Us

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As a green activist / environmentalist, Dr Low Wai Koon believes that as mankind, we enjoy the Earth’s resources to improve our standards of living and create our wealth. We should do our part to contribute to the Society and our Earth as a form of gratitude.

As a green inventor, Dr Low believes that he has a mission to protect the Earth by innovating green technology. Over the years, Dr. Low has invested all his resources (time and financial) to be continuously involved in the R&D work on green technology, including the first eco-friendly air-conditioning system with the technology of heat emission control system (“HECS”) – e-Cond EvoAirTM and EvoAirTM by WKL.

Dr Low is a visionary inventor who delivers practical solutions. Dr. Low’s private residence in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is the first house in the World to be powered by EvoAirTM by WKL.

by Dr Low Wai Koon – Founder


A Word from our founder, dr. low wai koon

Company Overview

Technology Version 1.0

Our Innovative Technology

An Evolutionary Breakthrough Technology – EvoAirTM by WKL

EvoAirTM by WKL is a breakthrough invention by Dr. Low and his team, with the objective of embracing the well-being of mankind through green living and preserving our Earth through responsible inventions.

EvoAirTM by WKL is the first air-conditioning system with the proprietary technology of HECS system which reduces waste heat to the environment, hence promoting a truly environmental friendly living and curbing global warming issues.

EvoAirTM by WKL also has proven to reduce power consumption by 20% and thus promoting significant energy savings.

EvoAirTM by WKL: Re-defining Air-Conditioning System

A Word from our Managing Director, Mr. KEvin Chan